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Steel cabinet production and maintenance knowledge


First, what is a steel cabinet Solid and durable steel office furniture is the most common office, especially file cabinets, activity cabinets, more wardrobes, ideal cabinets and other products, it is an indispensable storage tool in the office.
The so-called steel cabinets are simply steel homes, office furniture and other office filing cabinets, and intensive cabinets. Its plate is selected from Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, and Tangshan Steel's high-quality cold-rolled plates. The pipes are made of high-quality cold-drawn steel pipes to ensure that the products do not deform for a long time and are durable.
Steel cabinets include a wide range of all steel home office cabinets. What is the production of steel cabinets?
A complete sense of the production process of steel office furniture from the preparation of raw materials, through the woodworking production, paint finishing to the final product packaging storage and many other links and steps. Steel office furniture production process is very simple, mainly three-step integration of the opening, sealing, punching, the equipment used is nothing more than open sawing, edge banding machine, row drill. The main points of the structure are the 32 series dismantling connectors. Do not look at the process so simple, in fact, the production process of the steel cabinet is much more complicated than these.

The same is a piece of plate, some can be completed as long as one or two processes, and some are dozens or even dozens of processes can be completed. Such as the drawer bottom plate, as long as the material can be opened, and if a more complex floor cabinet panel structure is a honeycomb hollow, surface veneer, edge solid wood edge and edge type, above the mosaic glass. The processing of a single panel takes more than two dozen processes to complete, so the complexity of the panel process is closely related to many factors such as the product's appearance design, product structure, materials used, and the number of product types on the production line. More complicated. The main components of the plate production process are raw materials, process documents, machinery and equipment, manipulators, and corresponding quality and production management systems. Where the raw materials are in place on time is the condition and basis of the entire process flow, and the process documentation is the basis for the entire processing flow and governance flow, and the process documentation must be comprehensive and meticulous. Steel office furniture process documents are: renderings, three views, exploded parts, parts processing drawings, hardware parts list, packaging solutions, installation drawings, bills of materials (BOM), parts processing process flow sheet, products Use imitations. Among them, the parts processing map must be used in conjunction with the parts processing process flow chart and be in sync with the parts and components of the production line. The main contents of the parts processing flow sheet should cover the basic contents such as name, specifications, number, materials, batches, processing notes, special inspection standards, working hours, processes, and serial numbers. Machinery and manipulators are processing guarantees.
Although the performance of the steel cabinet is better, it is easier to take care of it. However, the daily cleaning and maintenance are still not to be underestimated. Here we look at how to clean and maintain the steel cabinet products.
First, the daily cleaning and maintenance 1. Steel cabinets should be placed on the level of the ground, the bottom of the four feet is best placed on a cushion to prevent damage to the floor when moving.
2. Avoid touching the surface with acute angles or cutting tools to prevent scratching the fabric.
3. Clean the surface of the steel cabinet with a clean soft cloth before use and keep it clean.
4. For daily cleaning, use a clean soft cloth to clean the dust traces or stains on the fabric. Clean the dust at the junction of the panel frame and the vacuum cleaner. It is forbidden to use wet cloths, hard objects, or chemicals such as acids and alkalis to contact the fabric, so as not to affect the surface quality and life cycle.
5, do regular maintenance, generally maintenance once every quarter. Clean the surface of the steel cabinet with a clean soft cloth. Textile fabric cleaning and maintenance should provide method implementation.
6. The top of the relatively high products such as steel filing cabinets cannot stack debris (especially heavy objects) and constitute a source of danger or deformation of the product.
7, prohibit the placement of high-temperature items on the surface of the product, affecting the product's appearance and quality.
8. Avoid contact with chemical reagents of acids and bases to avoid corrosion. Steel cabinet is not afraid of water but afraid of acid and alkali.
Picture II. Handling and Storage 1. The product should be handled with care and care, and be careful not to invert it.
2. Professionals should dismantle and disassemble when carrying and storing. When reinstalling, adjust the feet, doors and drawers of the furniture to maintain normal use.
3, product storage should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, to avoid moisture products. Protect the edges of the product as much as possible during storage to prevent damage to the product.
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